Vast ocean, so peaceful that I once looked upon,
has been replaced as I rose this dawn

Stormy winds collide into waves of thunder
I’m sinking in vastness,
trying not to seep under

Angry words, loud voices,
so harshly spoken,
as they seem to bring
all my dreams down to broken

I gaze upon you
pale and gaunt as you are
Your tall frame, so frail,
holds a deep hidden scar

Enveloping waters wash the tears from my eyes,
what was once known as truth,
now replaced by mere lies

Broken shells, lay glistening
along life’s shore
Having made their journey
yet have beauty no more

Near to those who lay broken and battered in sand,
is the one who’s endured
oceans rugged command

Enduring much
yet has come through complete
He’s finally escaped
the “broken’s” defeat

Overcoming the waves,
and wind tattered tides
Shining brilliance he glistens
as omnipotence guides!

by Linda Mautner