Linda Mautner

Linda Mautner is the mother of 20 year old Ian Mautner who lost his battle with Substance Use Disorder when he committed suicide after relapse on July 16th, 2014.

Linda started a foundation in her son Ian’s memory to honor all who are struggling with active addiction and those in early recovery from addiction. Linda is a public speaker and has spoken at many events, sending a message of hope through the loss of her son and her own maintenance journey in recovery over the span of 22 years. She has spoken at various charitable events and loves to speak to young people in treatment centers, on college campuses, and to parents of young people in addiction and recovery from addiction, trying to “hold the line”, while their child is learning a new way of life, by educating them and helping them to know they are not alone and have nothing to be ashamed of.

“The disease of addiction is now at pandemic proportions in our country. Young people need to become empowered with a message of hope during a time in which our society and its problems and stressors may seem overwhelming and the lure of addictive substances seems to be so readily available to our future generations”, states Mautner. “Parents who are struggling with a child in active addiction may feel hopeless in their own journey and it’s important for them to know that they are not alone and don’t have to hide within the silent walls of shame, guilt, and remorse. This is a chronic family disease and this means that for the person struggling with addiction to get better, families need to be supportive and educated concerning addiction and pro-active towards their own well-being. Peer support for families and for those with Substance Use Disorder¬†assists this process and promotes wellness for all concerned. The best venue to provide this support is through Recovery Community Centers across the U.S.”

Linda is hoping to help fund such an “outreach center” in her area, Delray Beach, Florida with the support of donations to the Ian Mautner Foundation. This center will create a mecca of support and help provide the essential resources to those transitioning from the treatment phase of recovery into sober living and better provide a continuum of care for this chronic disease that requires maintenance and hard work.