Let go of an addict!

Where Does The Fear Come From?

If you have a loved one who’s an addict, you may feel confused and scared. There is seldom a person who is thinking about leaving an addict who does not feel a powerful and sometimes overwhelming sense of fear. But if your love for someone is based on fear, you should look at the source of the fear. If you have a fear of leaving someone, especially when the situation is toxic, then you must turn the mirror on you and take a look.

If the fear comes from a place where you think the addict may fall apart without you, then you should take a good look at that, too. You are not responsible for anyone else, especially if they are mistreating you. Even though you may look at addiction as a disease, you cannot blame yourself or hold yourself accountable for someone else’s conscious choices. However, when you play the role of caretaker, the addict usually dictates how you exist


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