Ian Mautner

Ian Mautner was a wonderful boy; he was every mother’s dream child.  He was my world.  Ian was a smart, personable, happy boy, beloved by peers and adults alike. He was a young man of integrity and high moral standards. He was an excellent student, and graduated from Boca Raton High School Magnet Program as an Honor Student, He earned a scholarship to Florida State University.

From the time that he was born, Ian and I had an emotional bond; he shared his life and his feelings with me. Never could I have imagined or predicted the devastating outcome to my beloved boy’s tragically short life.

In 2012, the spring of his senior year, Ian became unrecognizable to me. He was thin, pale, almost gaunt; he had little appetite.  Ian suffered mood swings, and he became distant, and secretive; he no longer shared his life with me. His behavior was unpredictable.

I was shocked when he was argumentative and angry with me, for he had always been a gentle, kind-natured soul. Ian replaced his high school friends with a new group of friends who were strangers to me. Ian, who was very responsible with his money was now always in need of money.  I knew that he and his friends enjoyed socializing at a local Kava bar.  Little did I know that this environment would be his introduction into the world of the non-regulated, highly addictive drug called Kratom.

Ian moved in 2012 to begin his new life at FSU.  He came home for the holidays, and returned to school in January, but he dropped out of FSU within a few weeks of returning and moved home.  I discovered that Ian had used Kratom extensively during his break from school, and that he was experiencing withdrawal symptoms.  Ian then entered into the vicious cycle common to all persons with Substance Use Disorder: detox, rehab, treatment, relapse.

Tragically, Ian did not recover from his addiction to Kratom; he took his own life in June of 2014 by diving from the I-95 overpass in Boynton Beach, Florida. The police found 2 full packets and 6 empty packets of Kratom in Ian’s car.  The toxicology report revealed that Ian tested positive for his prescribed medication and for Kratom.  Kratom stole my precious boy from my loving arms; My Ian, my boy, was just 20 years young.” (Linda Mautner)

Even though her boy is lost, Linda soldiers on.  She wants to protect other children from suffering as her boy did.  To that end, Linda has created The Ian Mautner Foundation which is “Dedicated to creating a wave of awareness through education in our communities and providing peer to peer support for those affected by Substance Use Disorder” Our goals are to break down the barriers of stigma and shame associated with this disease, offer peer to peer support and promote hope and healing.”