How to move beyond guilt

Was St Patrick’s’ Day and what we thought would be just another day turned out to be a day we would celebrate in our family’s history for generations to come.

My family’s heritage stems from the Irish and Scottish coasts. The Scotch-Irish culture was home to my family until they migrated to Boston, Massachusetts, and Maine during the Great Potato Famine. Our family has always been built with a strong desire to commune with each other, protect each other and serve our country. But for over 400 years, the center of the Irish drinking culture has been to commune over a pint of beer. It’s no wonder our family struggled with alcohol for generations.

So, Why Was St. Patrick’s Day So Special To Me?

It was the day my father said he was ready to retire from alcohol. He decided that day would be the day nine generations of alcoholism would end. On March 17, my father stopped drinking alcohol for good after over 30 years of abuse.

I am incredibly proud of my father for being so brave. I watched my father struggle with the disease, and he tells his story in the epilogue of my book The Journey Principles. He took a stand and said enough is enough; shortly after that his brother followed his influence and also stopped.

He lived its nightmare and pain, but so did we. As is often the case, his personal struggle flowed into our family’s struggle. The real work had yet to begin.


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